Miami Mobile VetIntroducing the Mobile Animal Surgical Hospital created by the Miami natives from SOUTH BEACH ANIMAL HOSPITAL. Dr. Mike Tenzer is excited to introduce the best thing to happen to pet care in South Florida. Along with his trusty sidekick Amy and the fully equipped MASH unit, your pets will have the ultimate care in a convenient setting.

After serving the South Beach community for 20 years, Dr. Tenzer is hitting the road to bring his superb veterinary care to your neighborhood and even right to your door. MASH offers the same gentle, family style pet health care that our clients have come to love over the last two decades. Now, you and all pet parents in South Florida will have access to a genuine old school FAMILY PET DOCTOR!

MASH is fully equipped to provide:

Wellness Exams, Vaccinations, Dental Care, Parasite Prevention and Control, Microchipping, Puppy and Kitten Care, Radiology, Surgery, Ultrasound, Hospice Care, House Calls and more.

Being a part of MASH is like having a veterinarian in your family. We treat you and your pet as part of our MASH family.

Dr. Tenzer's on-going mantra is caring for your pet as he would his own.

Don't take our word for it, look at his Gigi in action!

This pup was rescued at 36th Street trying to get on the Julia Tuttle Causeway when Dr. Tenzer stopped his car and she jumped in. Little did they both know that Gigi would be riding shotgun for the next 10 years! So, with great medical care including diet, preventions and routine dental care; 17 is the new 7!

Obviously, we can't say that every seventeen year old pet is going to make zoomies around the front yard, but with our holistic approach to lifestyle and nutrition coupled with highly qualified and experienced veterinary care, we can set the stage of health care success stories through all stages of life.

MASH will be by your side with care and expertise. We are honored to be a part of your furry, four-legged friend's family.

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